Made to make your life easier.

EOS is the first smart, eco-friendly & innovative charger. Created to be intuitive and powerful, EOS includes useful accessories to optimize your daily life : at the office, at home, on a trip, you won’t run out of battery anymore.

It includes 4 power plugs (EU / US / AU / UK) for your convenience when you are travelling.

The launch of EOS Smart  charger is coming really soon stay in touch Q3 2020.


The Smart Charger

Powerful, compact and eco-friendly

4m (13ft) cable

To unroll



Quickcharge 4.0

Save time, fast charge


Look ahead

4m (13ft) cable

Need length? Pull on the cable and it unrolls. Easy peasy!

 EOS smart charger is an intuitive and really easy to use Pull manually on the cable and it will unroll flawlessly. You will love the flexibility you get.


It won’t get in your way

Unroll your cable until you’re covered. It will lock automatically. Once you’re done, the engine will rewind it to its initial position, so you don’t damage your cable, or get annoyed when you’re cleaning the place.

Quickcharge 4.0

Enjoy the power of Qualcomm® Quickcharge 4.0

Charge your device in record time (according to compatibility), and enjoy 10 hours of battery life in 30min*. The EOS smart charger is also certified Made for iPhone.


Designed for durability

For us, It was essential to be able to replaceyour charger while keeping a high quality product standard. We really want to ensure that you will use your charger as long as possible, without having to pay a premium price for it.


The connectors

Power up all your devices

3 types

All your cables in one


Change connector in a snap

Night light

Do not lose it

3 types

Connect all your devices to the EOS Smart charger

 You can charge any kind of device with the same cable. We provide three diferents connectors You just need to swiftly switch the connector with the clip-on solution. You get 4m of Lightning cable, USB Type-C, and Micro-USB.


So much easier!

This ingenious system uses clip-on pins that ones are very easy to use,  according to your needs, you will be able to plug in whatever you like, whenever you like.

Night light

Let there be light

Nothing is more annoying than looking for your cable when you’re ready to go to bed.
All the connectors are nicely backlit, Don’t look for your cable in the dark anymore. On top of that that’s pretty, so why not?


The Powerbank

Eco-friendly, powerful and compact

10’000 mAh

Do not run out of battery

Magnet charging

Connect it easily…

USB Charging

…Or charge with USB

SD Slot

Data at your fingertips

10’000 mAh

Several days of charge, close to you

 Make your battery management easier.  thanks to its magnetic system, don’t loose your time looking for a charger. Stay free !!

Magnet charging

Stick it and Chill

We chose a magnet system to connect the powerbank to the EOS smart charger dock. Grab it when you need.

USB Charging

No need for the smart charger

A USB cable will be provided, so you can still charge your powerbank even if you don’t have your EOS smart charger around.

SD Slot

Break the boundaries, take (a lot) more with you

Backup or read your files from your computer or smartphone, thanks to our SD card slot it can hold up to 128GB of data.

Connectors included

Your powerbank gets the same treat

A 50cm cable and 3 connectors (Lightning, USB type-C, micro-USB) are also provided with your powerbank. Enjoy flexibility and freedom


The Accessories

Simple, efficient.

Integrated life hacks

It felt natural to bring you a whole set of accessories that will really make your life easier. We studied what could make the EOS smart charger even more efficient and different. We’re pretty confident that you will like it !

Smart Holder

Discreet and practical

The smart holder allows you to keep your cable from moving around  damaging your device . your cable will always be available anytimes you need  or somewhere else  you’re all set !

Smart Arm

Keep your plug free

Plug the smart arm directly into your electrical outlet your charger will get out of the way and allow any other electrical device to be plugged. Suggested use : connect the smart arm close to your bed, so you’ll be able to plug your bedside lamp without having to change the plugs.

International Plugs


The kit includes 4 power plugs with international pins. For frequent travelers, this is the perfect kit to power your EOS smart charger.


Travel Cases

Keep moving!

Take care of your EOS smart charger and accessories. Take them with you in this compact hard case. It is smooth, well design, and protects everything you carry inside. A separate case is provided with the powerbank.

© 2019 Infizio

© 2019 Infizio